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Ryan Celestain will inspire, empower and challenge your audience with his message: “Running Your Race”. His message has been heard by over 1 million people worldwide via online videos, high schools and college classes.

Growing up Ryan was labeled a “problem child” and was told the only future he had was jail, being homeless or ending up dead on the streets. Ryan doesn’t buy into labels. Instead of allowing your audience to see where they currently are in life Ryan is passionate about challenging listeners to see where they could be.

Ryan’s message is unique as he shares personal stories of success and failure. His personal stories vary from a hilarious experience while teaching himself how to swim to relationship struggles with his dad which will leave a lasting impact with your audience.

The same philosophies and ideas Ryan shares in his message he uses personally to pursue his dream and goal of becoming a professional triathlete. Ryan doesn’t just talk the talk… he walks the walk and inspires others to do the same.

The only limitations we have in life are the limitations we place upon ourselves.